Will Georgic



My primary research interests consist of better understanding how vulnerability affects household level decision-making and equilibrium outcomes. Over the course of my doctoral studies, I have developed a research portfolio which address critical policy analysis needs associated with vulnerability using economic theory to motivate applied causal inference methods.

My dissertation contributes three distinct analyses of a critical dimension of climate change induced vulnerability: flood management. My job market paper issues a national analysis of the capitalization of insurance subsidies in housing prices, providing the first causal estimate of a direct outcome from a 50 year old policy. The remaining essays consider the housing supply response to the provision of levees and a model of the positive spatial contagion of at-risk property buyouts in Houston, Texas.

In addition to my dissertation research, I am also interested in research of direct regional significance. Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) annually threaten one of my home state’s most valuable natural resources: Lake Erie. In hopes of contributing to the interdisciplinary efforts to mitigate damages from HABs, I have undertaken projects identifying additional costs of HABs through considering their effect on fishing permit purchases (published in the Journal of Environmental Management) and investigating the housing market capitalization of urban stream restoration projects which could minimize HAB proliferation.

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Reeling in the Damages: Harmful Algal Blooms’ Impact on Lake Erie’s Recreational Fishing Industry


Image Credit: Peter Essick


Working Papers



Do NFIP Subsidies Matter to Homebuyers? Evidence from Nationwide Housing Sales



A Valuation of Restored Streams Using Repeat Sales and Instrumental Variables



A Flood of Construction: An Analysis of the Role of Levees in Urban Floodplain Development


Image Credit: California Department of Water Resources


Works in Progress



Sell Outs: Spatial Contagion in the Harris County Flood Control District Buyout Program Participation


Image Credit: FEMA/Michael Rieger



Brazilian Sugarcane Production and Its Regional Effect on the Welfare of the Rural Poor


Image Credit: “Money Burn” by Gavin Fordham